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Insights and tips for K-12 campus programming, building & maintenance

Utility Invoices: 3 Tips for Effective Management

How does your district review utility invoices? While Energy Management encompasses many facets of your district’s facility plans and programming, thoroughly auditing utility bills shouldn’t be something you forego under the pressure of more “urgent” demands. The discipline to go through each site’s bill can really pay off. Plus, if…

Blueprint Reading: 3 Reasons It’s Important for Facility Techs

Why train facility technicians to read blueprints? Blueprints are road maps not only for building your facility but for maintaining it over the years. And who plays a vital role in that maintenance? Your technicians. Often, these guys are the unsung heroes of school campuses. They spend their days behind the…

Is Room Numbering as Simple as 1, 2, 3?

by Josie Walker, Ex3 Facility Solutions, LLC Imagine you’re an HVAC tech. It’s late August you’ve received a work order for a malfunctioning air conditioner unit.  You arrive to the school in the heat of the day, climb up to the roof and look for the unit to room #101C.…
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