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About Us

Leadership team

Randy Edgar, Founder & CEO
With 25+ years in the construction industry, Randy has primarily managed school construction – both as the general contractor and an owner’s rep for districts. Let’s just say he’s seen his fair share of plan rooms, 3-ring binders and random digitized files on external drives. His vision to fuse the meticulous details of planning and construction into an organized, cloud-based platform for the life of a building is what you now have in Building Vault.
Jerry Palermo, Partner
Jerry has served in multiple roles for school districts over the last 35+ years. His passion to serve administrations well is evidenced by a drive to improve processes and efficiencies. His first-hand understanding of school districts keeps our team focused on the ultimate user experience for our Building Vault clients. Jerry’s affectionately known as “Pops” around the office.

The technology

Our independent developer has over 20 years of software and programming expertise including both the US military and SAS, where he created solutions for multiple clients of various industries.

As a Building Vault client, you can choose to host your data on a dedicated Building Vault server or on your own server. We’re happy to schedule conversations to discuss specific IT questions.

A little history

In 2013, we soft launched In Conclusion Project Documentation Services. For four years, we’ve worked closely with a select group of clients to implement, track the use and enhance that system. Building Vault is the result of that effort.

The path ahead

The next phases of Building Vault will include a facility scheduler, energy audit module and work flow system for maintenance orders. We’re dedicated to continued growth to meet the unique needs of school districts. 0

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